A Film About Couples //

Oriol Estrada, Natalia Cabral | 89 min | 2021 | Dominican Republic


Natalia and Oriol are a couple of filmmakers in their thirties who have a little daughter called Lia. One day, they receive an offer to direct a documentary and they decide to make a film about couples in love. Natalia and Oriol interview many couples, always wanting to know how they get along and what their most typical problems are. But as filming progresses, wounds of their own relationship begin to open up, fights and doubts seem to be endless. But finishing the film will be their opportunity to reformulate their love for each other and their love for cinema.

«A Film About Couples is a true cinematic gem. Every moment releases a joyful and meditated reflection on the condition of filmmaking in today’s society.» – Mattia. Madmass Magazine.

«It’s a fiction film about the shooting of a documentary and, at the same time, a documentary about the shooting of a fiction film. With a lot of humor and lucidity, the film demystifies the work of the cinema profession and reveals the realities and difficulties that exist today when filming in Dominican Republic.»  – Nicolas Azalbert. Head of programming, Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine.

«A Film About Couples is an intimate and funny film, beautiful and ingenious.» – Olivia Leboyer. Toute la culture.


– 30 Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine:

– Prize of the Syndicat Français de la Critique de Cinéma

– Special Mention of the Jury for the interpretation.


– Rome International Film Fest 2021 – Official Selection

– 30th Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine – Official Selection

– 59 Gijon International Film Festival | FICX.

– 52nd International Film Festival of India – World Panorama Selection

«“Una Pelicula Sobre Parejas” is a breath of fresh air. An alternative way to not take oneself seriously and, at the same time, an opportunity to reflect. A lovely lesson from Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada» – Veronica Ranocchi. I Cinemaniaci Blog.

«This introspective look at the lives of a couple of directors testifies the fascinating creative power of cinema to organize the world in the form of a story in order to question its uniqueness at every moment.» – Cédric Lépine. Mediapart.

«At the heart of this funny film lies a little story within the story. It’s all in knowing how to tell it, and this nice pair of filmmakers hit the bull’s eye, bringing more than a smile to the audience.» – Sarah Mataloni. Close Up Magazine.


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