Oriol Estrada, Natalia Cabral | 85 min | 2014 | Dominican Republic

YOU AND ME Pressbook

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The Mrs., a 70-year-old widow, and Aridia, her young maid, live in isolation in a house in Santo Domingo where they have domestic chores to keep them occupied. Their relationship is tense, but at the end of the day, they know they only have each other.

“Suggestive cinema about power relations and loneliness.”

– The Hollywood Reporter

“A claustrophobic chamber massacre piece that recalls a Fassbinderian exercise in domination and submission. Like a Douglas Sirk melodrama that mirrors class and race struggle, two lonely women join forces because the world refuses them. Still, they cannot help but replicate on a smaller scale the oppression they endure themselves. A geometrical and observational melodrama.”
– Giona A. Nazzaro, Visions du Réel

“Tú y yo’s understated approach seems to get at the contradictory heart of a society renowned for its warmth and openness, but racked by deep divisions of class and race”

– Remezcla Magazine

“A moving, closely observed portrait of the complex relationship between two women that goes beyond merely employer and employee”

– Trinidad +Tobago Film Festival


– 55th FICCI, International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias – Special Jury Prize
– Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2014 – Best Documentary Feature Award
– 36 Habana International Film Festival – Best Documentary “Cibervoto” Award
– RDOC, International Documentary Film Festival 2015 – Best Dominican Documentary Award
– La Silla Awards 2015 – Best Documentary
– V Margenes Festival – Exhibition Prize
– 19 Cine Las Americas Internacional Film Festival of Austin, Texas – Special Honorable Mention to Cinematography


– Visions du Réel 2014, Festival International de Cinéma Nyon – World Premiere
– Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival / 14
– Doc Buenos Aires
– 16th Filmar en América Latina
– Cinema Vérité, Iran International Documentary Film Festival
– 8th DR Global Film Festival
– 36 International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of La Havana
– FICCI 55, Cartagena de Indias Internacional Film Festival
– IBAFF, Murcia International Film Festival
– RDOC, International Documentary Film Festival Of Dominican Republic and the Caribbean
– Festival Régional et International du Cinéma de Guadaloupe FEMI 2015
– FICBAQ, Barranquilla International Film Festival
– 4th Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam
– 16th Havana Film Festival in New York 2015
– Dominican Film Festival NY
– Perro Loco 5: Latin American University Film Festival
– Second 2015 Melbourne Latin American Documentary Film Festival
– FIDOCS 2015: International Documentary Film Festival of Santiago de Chile
– Trieste Latin American Film Festival
– Istambul 1001 Documentary Film Festival
– Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
– Zanzibar International Film Festival
– Final Nomination for Best Documentary Film at Premios Platino
– Flaherty NYC: Aftermath 2018 Showcase – at Anthology Film Archives